Friday, September 10, 2010

Calling all furbangers...

Alcide Hervaux is finally ready for Sunday night's finale! Just in time to save Sookie, too! Feast your eyes on the beefcake and have fun kids. Be sure to download the high resolution PDF from my website

I've plans on including more extras for this one in the near future. Who can resist Alcide in that jumpsuit, or that bathrobe? Well, you'll have to make do with the basics for now. ;)

Paper Dolls to the Rescue!

AAARRRrrrrooooooo! Sunday is the True Blood finale and I'm busy getting one more paper doll ready. I've received a lot of requests and speculation as to whom (or what) is coming next, and I thank you for them all. So here (sketch at top left) is a peek at what to expect... can you figure it out now? Regardless, be sure to check out my website later tonight and see the final results.

If you appreciate my hard work, I'd love to know... and a small donation would be much appreciated, too. (just click on the button at the top right of my blog). The money goes to keeping my site up and running for fans around the world: Brasil, Poland, Australia, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Canada, Holland, Croatia, Iran, Mexico, England... and some strange place called the United States. Many, MANY thanks to those kind folks who have already shown their generosity!

To date, I've also used donations to help non-profit causes for charities supported by True Blood actors: the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund, and The Choroideremia Research Foundation (CRF).

The Kids Theatre Fund helps to produce a Christmas show and provide low-cost transportation for the hundreds of children that experience the thrill of live theatre. Stephen Moyer is the patron of the Brentwood Theatre that created this fund in his honor. To learn more, visit the Brentwood theatre's webpage The Vault is a True Blood fan site that is currently giving fans a chance to win items autographed by Stephen Moyer with donations to the Theatre Fund, but only until September 30th! Hurry and get your chance to win while helping needy kids

Deborah Ann Moll's boyfriend, E.J. Scott, suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Choroideremia (CHM) which causes a person to slowly lose their sight. The Choroideremia Research Foundation helps in researching a cure and developing treatments. You can help support Deborah and E.J. in their goal to raise $100,000 for Choroideremia research this year by donating here or via the True Blood fansite The Vault here You can also donate to the CRF directly and learn more about this disorder by visiting their homepage

There are also many other ways you can help your favorite True Blood actors help their favorite charity:

If you haven't already heard about the "Battle of the Fang" it's a fun contest between Bill and Eric fans to see who's team can raise the most money for charity. Stephen Moyer is supporting the Gulf Crisis, and Alexander Skarsgard is helping the SOS Children's Villages. There's only two days left to battle, so help out your favorite vamp now!
I'm proud to say that Team Bill is currently in the lead! WOOT!WOOT!

Finally, I've seen Kristin Bauer showing off her whale tail a lot. Of course, I'm talking about the ocean mammal, not Pam's thong! In fact, Kristin's husband, Abri Van Straten, is a talented musician from South Africa and together they both support the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). If you buy Abri's new album on Amazon, Kristin has graciously agreed to include a personalized autograph! AWESOME!! Go to Kristin's website now and order a copy

I'm sure there's a lot more charities to mention, but these are the ones that are close to my heart. Now I'm off to complete my paper doll! Everyone enjoy the week-end and remember to watch the True Blood finale on Sunday with your new paper doll friends!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Russel's ready for action!

Print out and bring Russell to life while watching TrueBlood tomorrow night! Oh... and make sure you print out an Eric paper doll for the big showdown! WOOT WOOT!

Download Russell and the rest here (the jpeg posted here is low res, and not as pretty)

Thanks so much to everyone for their awesome suggestions for Russell's undies. I actually had to sketch a few before deciding upon the gorgeous silk boxers. I chose a regal looking print for this now ex-King of Mississippi, and think Talbot would have approved. And how about them socks? A bit old fashioned, but then again... Russell is an old timer. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Russel's dirty laundry

This week's BloodWork! announced my next paper doll will be the genius that is Russel Edgington! No doubt his doll will feature things like designer shirts, sunglasses, jodhpurs and an oversized antique crystal candydish filled with Talbot's remains! But what, pray tell, does the man wear beneath it all? Tweet, email:, or post a comment to share your ideas and help me decide.

If you haven't yet watched the vlog yet, then check it out below. Note I'm wearing my "Billsbabes" t-shirt to show my love and support for my peeps and fellow Bill Compton lovers. And did you know that the Billsbabe T-Shirt is available for purchase in the Billsbabe Shoppe? All proceeds of the sales go to the Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund, so go ahead and shop til you drop!

Also show your love for CampBlood, and pick up some merch there to help support and keep the Camp alive and well.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Vamp Jessica Paper Doll

I finally finished and posted Baby Vamp Jessica! Why not download the art and combine with the other True Blood characters to have ready for tonight's episode. Paper doll tip: DON’T cut out the white space between legs unless you’re using sturdy paper. The more parts you choose to dress Jessica up with, the heavier the doll becomes. If you have several pieces on already AND you cut out the white space, she might have a wee bit of trouble keeping her from falling over. ENJOY!

and don't forget to tune for Loving True Blood in Dallas' BlogTalk radio show after tonight's episode for the chance to speak with myself and CampBlood's creator and my partner in crime: Brian Juergens!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My True Blood All-Star LGBTQ dream team

True Blood is such an amazing show, and I love it for so many reasons and on so many levels. One of the reasons I love it so is that it's nonjudgmental and openly expresses human sexuality. One of the most beloved characters on the show is a gay African American man, Lafayette Reynolds. He has some of the best one-liners and wardrobe of the entire cast! Nelsan Ellis is the actor who plays Lafayette on the show, and he does an incredible job. In fact, I can't think of anyone else in the world now that could play the part. Nelsan is not gay, and that got me thinking: What would the cast of True Blood look like if all the roles were played by LGBTQ (Lesbian/ Gay/ Bi/ Transgengered/ Queer) actors? Don't get me wrong: I dearly love all the actors on the show and woudn't change a thing (Mr.Ball you're amazing)! Just having a little daydream here and thought to share my "Queer Dream Team". Got any additional talent you'd like me to consider? let me know what you think!

Sookie Stackhouse played by the beautiful and talented Portia de Rossi
Bill Compton played by the handsome and brooding John Barrowman
Eric Northman played by the multi-talented genius that is Neil Patrick Harris
Vampire Pam played by the stunning and glamourous Candis Cayne
Jason Stackhouse played by the fun-loving and handsome Lance Bass
Tara Thornton played by the charismatic and powerful RuPaul Charles
Lafayette Reynolds played by the beloved and witty WilsonCruz
Alcide Herveaux played by the incredibly fit and dreamy Ian Roberts
Jessica Hamby played by the complex and vivacious Lindsay Lohan
Hoyt Fortenberry played by the adorable and true Matthew Montgomery
BTW- If you haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlene Harris... what are you waiting for? This amazing show wouldn't be here if Charlene hadn't written these books, and it will give you great insight about what's to come.

And don't forget to stop by and see all my True Blood paper dolls- I'm adding more for Season 3, starting with Jessica Hamby!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bill the Bunny

Nooooo... this is NOT Stephen Moyer's screen test for Bunnicula the movie! He was on Chelsea Lately the other night and he did his best impression of a vampire sneaking around in the woods like a little bunny. It was hilarious, and I just had to do it. Gotta love a man that isn't aftraid to act ridiculous in front of millions. Get ready for True Blood this Sunday! WOOT! WOOT!